Hello and welcome to Wally Wire, Division of Wegrzyn Custom Cable Company and Wegrzyn Loudspeaker Company.  I am the owner & engineering brains of all the cables here and my name is Walter M Wegrzyn.

Company Information:
Wegrzyn Custom Cable Co
Wegrzyn Loudspeaker Co.
138 West Tenth Drive
Mesa, Arizona  85210-3613
Customer Service:  (480) 464-5547
E-Mail Address:  <wegrzyn11@cox.net>
AudiogoN Username:  "wegrzyn11"
Ask for:  Walter
Hours of Operation:  8 AM to 10 PM PST (7 days a week) 

We have been producing super high-end cables, made of 8N (99.9999997%) Pure solid-core cooper, and, 5N (99.9997%) Pure solid-core silver (AG), for audiophiles & videophiles since May 28, 2002 (over 15 years in business!!!!) for:

1.)  2-Channel 'Stereo' Systems CABLES: 

*Analogue-Audio Interconnect Cables

*8 gauge & 10 gauge (AWG) HD Power Cords for power amplifier, pre-amplifiers; works with all 15 amperes (A) IEC component port jacks.  20A IEC available upon special 

*Speaker cables 8 gauge & 10 gauge (8N copper or 5N Silver)

*Speaker 'JUMPERS' custom made (for dual binding posts) - sold four jumpers per set of speakers (2 speakers) - sold in 4-packs - choose WBT spades or WBT bananas

2.) Home Theater Systems Digital CABLES:

*Digital Coax cables

*Digital Audio Cables AES/EBU 110 ohm balanced XLR cable.

*4K HDMI Cables - regular (24 AWG) & super flexible (36 AWG)

* 'I2S' digital audio format (w/standard HDMI ends)

*Toslink Fiber-Optic Digital-Audio cables

*Digital-Audio Cables - USB cables - USB 2.0 & 3.0 cables

*RJ/E (Ethernet) digital-audio cables

*Slim 4K HDMI cables (36 awg) & Heavy-Duty (24 awg) 4K HDMI cables.

*Speaker cables for:  5.1 Home Theater, 7.1 Home Theater, all other formats.

*Power cords (8 & 10 gauges) for HT receivers, subwoofers, source components (DVD player, CD player, other)

*Subwoofer cables.

3.)  Digital Cables:

*Digital-XLR 110 ohm AES/EBU balanced  cables (w/Neutrik XLR ends) - made of 5N Silver or 8N Copper internal wire.

*Digital-RCA cables (w/WBT or Cardas RCA ends) - of 5N Silver or 8N Copper internal wire

*Digital-BNC cables (w/ Furutech or Oyaide BNC ends) - of 5N Silver.

*USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 cables (of 5N Silver)

*All other digital cables - call 480-464-5547.

A.)  Our AUDIOGON information:

*AudiogoN Username:  'WEGRZYN11'

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Thank you looking at our website and we hope to be able to earn your business & support in the very near future!