~HDMI Cables - World's Best 5N (99.999%) Pure "Solid-Core' Silver Conductor HDMI cables.
~Speaker Cables
   -Pure 'Solid-Core' SILVER (5N's)   
   -Pure 8N (99.999999%) Ultra-Fine 'Solid-Core Copper
   -Regular or True Bi-Wire Configured
   -Gauges:  8 AWG, 10 AWG, and 12 AWG
~Power Cords/Cables [up to 6 Gauge (AWG)]
     *Ultra High-Current 6 gauge (AWG) - Top-of-the-Line.
     *15A or 20A IEC connectors available.
     *Gauges available are:  6 gauge, 8 gauge, 10 gauge,
      12 gauge.
     *Internal wire options available are:  5N Silver or 8N
     *Uses Wattgate #330i wallplug (gold or rhodium) &
      #350i IEC plug (gold or rhodium)
~Interconnects Cables ('solid-core' silver or Mono-crystal copper)
~Analog Cables (RCA & XLR)
~Digital Cables (75 & 110 ohm)
~DIY Raw Subwoofer Cabinets (3 & 9 cu.ft.)
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