Internal Wire Gauge Size:  Net 8 AWG (4 X 14 AWG - per each amplifier binding post & 2 X 14 AWG per each speaker binding post)

Purity of Internal Wire:  99.99% Pure Fine SILVER = Four 9 grade of silver.  The silver wires we use are .9999 pure and are the best that are currently available.  To keep our cable costs down, we order our silver directly from the refinery in large quantities. 

Ultimate Connectors Use:  WBT Pure SILVER Spade (#0681-5/16”-AG), WBT Banana (#0600-Ruthenium), or WBT Pure SILVER Banana (#0610-AG)…. To view these connectors, go to www.wbtusa.com and surf the above WBT part #’s. 

Lengths Available:  6’, 9’, 12’, 15’, 20, 25’, 50’, & custom sizes (at no extra charge)

Net Gauge of Wire:  8 AWG (2 X 8 AWG amp end, & 4 X 10 AWG per speaker binding post end)

Color of Techflex Braided Jacket:  Solid black (w/violet accents)

Formats Available:  Pairs (or single channel runs).

Applications:  High-End 2-Channel Stereo Systems (and/or High-End Home Theater applications)

Special Note:  We have whole system ‘PACKAGE DEALS’.  E-mail us for details & pricing.

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Wally Wire Speaker Cables




Series Name: 
 Pure Silver Slam ‘Solid-Core’ Supremes